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Amazing chicken bites, drizzled with sweet chili mayo sauce.  This was so good and not hard to make at all.  This came from the food blog called Damn Delicious. I love finding new things to do with chicken        

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These came from Cooks’ Illustrated.  Cooking some of the berries in sugar and adding our cooled homemade jam to the batter along with fresh, uncooked berries gave our muffin the best of both worlds; intense blueberry flavor and the liquid burst that only fresh berries can provide.         Read More ...

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Cool, creamy and slightly sweet, my entire family loved this fresh fruit tossed salad in a tangy honey-yogurt dressing.  We didn’t add the mango but replaced it with grapes. It was delicious!       I used 1 cup red, seedless grapes instead of the mango.

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I made this for our trip to the cabin this weekend.  t was a huge success.  We would have liked a little more of the sweet stuff but that is not surprising, always need a little more of the sweet stuff.   Next time I will add double Pretzel M   Read More ...

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We were visiting Mitch and Jill in Provo, Utah as few years ago, and she made this for us. It is really good and was very easy to put together. You just need to allow it to sit in fridge overnight.  

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