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Rice is one of my favorite side dishes.  This is one of Jeri’s recipes I’ve had for years.  I like this one so much, I haven’t tried many others. Easy and taste good, so that’s why I have always used it.

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I remember eating these enchilada’s at my Uncle Warren’s.  They are a comfort food to me.  I made these when all the cousins got together and found out I don’t remember them like my cousins do.  They said there dad served them on crispy tortillas and I always remember eating   Read More ...

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This recipe came from Bev Taylor.  She and Tom have a Christmas party every year and this is always on their menu.  Teri and Eric are always invited and always says how good this is.  Bev gave me her recipe and I love it.  

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This recipe came from my mother-in-law, Velda Stowell.  She has made this  Carmel popcorn recipe ever since I’ve known her. This is something we all remember about her. Delicious!!     If you like the popcorn really covered, leave some of it out and you can always add it

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My mother has made these enchilada’s for as many years as I can remember.  I remember us girls would make an assembly line and one would fry tortillas, one put on the hamburger, one the sauce, one the cheese and roll the enchilada and put it in the pan. I   Read More ...

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