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I love watching Drive-In’s, Diner’s and Dives.  We went to San Francisco and were able to eat at a Diner called Bette’s Oceanview Diner. I bought their cookbook and have been making these pancakes ever since. They are almost like my old favorite, but a little better.      

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This chicken taste so good and is tender and juicy. I got this out of a Taste of the South magazine. I marinated longer than it says, I will give you the recipe their way and a few changes I made and then you can do it your way.     Read More ...

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So light and tender, they melt in your mouth.  Refrigerate or freeze batter in an airtight container for another day. I have made these since my kids were little.  The book I got them from, has no front or back cover.  So I can’t tell you were it came from.   Read More ...

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I don’t remember where I got this recipe.  I think it was from one of those little cookbooks that are always by the checkout counter.  It makes a great addition to any friend or family gathering.            

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Yet another zucchini recipe. I hope we can get on top of those awful squash bugs so we can enjoy squash for a little bit more.  I got this recipe from a 1990 Southern Living Annual Recipes.  We only have it once usually during the summer but it is yummy.     Read More ...

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