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This is a yummy moist chocolate cake. This came from a girl who has been my friend since grade school. I think of her every time I make it.  You poke holes in the warm cake and pour a delicious chocolate icing in the holes. Delicious!!           Read More ...

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This is my son Kyle’s favorite cake.  This cake is for coconut lovers, but even those who don’t like coconut like this cake. It is easy because it starts with a cake mix.    

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This is such a easy cake, it is moist and delicious.  I got this from my Aunt Colleen Cunningham, this is quick and easy and makes enough for a crowd.  I think it is just a different name for Texas Sheet Cake.          

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This is a great brisket recipe.  You need to think ahead because it needs to marinate for 8 hours. I don’t pour the sauce on it at the end, because I think its best to let people add it, if they want.     This is a great brisket recipe.    Read More ...

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Thanksgiving you can have any time of the year.  I got this out of Southern Living 1990 Annual Recipe book.  I have made it for a few and for 50.  If you make it for 50 you need to be sure you allow yourself more time for it to cook.   Read More ...

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