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I found this in a little cookbook  called Charm Country sauce.  We loved it on steamed or roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Its great on baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, hash browns and breakfast casserole.    

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This sauce is extremely easy and very tasty. I use it on everything.  You can use it on pasta, meatballs, pizza, anything.  If you don’t like such big chunks of tomatoes, you can use diced tomatoes or use an immersion blender to get a smooth sauce. I use diced tomatoes,   Read More ...

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This pizza sauce is quick and simple with very few ingredients.  It is great on grilled pizza as well as baked.  It has become a family favorite. This recipe can be added to your Zip List which is  a free app that will create your own personal recipe box. This   Read More ...

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